Further Stage

Further Stage

A big body means a large amount of urine.

A big body means the diaper's elastic leaves marks around the legs.

Development Approximate Weight: 13~35kg


Baby is rapidly developing a slender, toddler-like body, and he'll gain muscles, too.


Baby will gradually start to walk faster, and he'll soon be able to run and jump too.


He'll become able to turn the pages of picture books, stack blocks, and do various other intricate movements.


He'll develop the "initiative" to start an activity himself and an "independent spirit" to try to do things on his own. He may even reject mama's offers of help.


At home or when playing at a park or elsewhere, he'll check out everything he's interested in with his hands. As soon as you get home, wash his hands well. Carrying anti-bacterial wipes everywhere you go will give you a peace of mind.

So encourage him by saying "Let's wash our hands, " and help him make hand-washing a habit.


As baby progresses with solid foods, he'll become able to eat nearly the same things as adults, except for things like foods that are spicy or heavily seasoned. However, he'll likely find it hard to sit still at the table, and he'll easily get distracted and start playing. Baby's preference for certain foods and flavors over others will gradually become more defined, so have him try lots of different foods, but with as mild a flavor as possible.

So at baby's mealtime, avoid a too-serious attitude and try to take things easy, Mama.


There are lots of children who fuss when it's time to wash their face or hair. Try coming up with ways to make washing fun, like using an animal-shaped sponge or bath mitt or a toy. This kind of fear or resisting mood is only temporary and he WILL overcome it eventually, so have patience in dealing with baby during this time, Mama.

So you might try getting papa to help and changing the mood or the bath style.

Clothing changes

When it comes to fashion, the variety of designs will become more and more enjoyable. At around 2 years old, a preference for certain clothes may become clear in some children, especially girls. Some children become stubborn and want to wear their favorite clothes all the time.

So mama might do well to respect baby's initiative but try gently coaxing her with something like, "This one's cute, too. Could you put it on and show me?

A baby's day

Children vary widely in how long they sleep and the timing of their naps. Some may stay up late nearly every single night. Keep naps short, increase the amount of time spent playing outside, and otherwise try to help baby develop a habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Also, baby's physical capabilities and curiosity expand dramatically, which leads to a greater danger than ever before of things like falling or accidentally swallowing something. At home and at the park where you usually play, for example, make a point of checking for safety issues.

So at a child's eye level, check for dangerous places or things in his area of activity and take care to avoid them.

When your child becomes able to move around freely and starts to say some words, it won't be long before diapers are a thing of the past. My, how baby has grown!

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