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  • My First Labour

    My First Labour

    • delivery
    • Post-natal body shape
    • Post-natal care
    • Afterbirth pains

    Each labour and delivery is unique. How do you know that you are in real labour or are you just experiencing false labour? Let’s look at these signs of labour t...


  • Signs


    • delivery
    • Uterus
    • Womb
    • Fetal development

    What are the signs that you are in labour? Do you need to rush to the hospital? Let’s look at some of the questions that arise when you experience these signs a...


  • Lesson 1 My First Childbirth

    My First Childbirth

    • delivery
    • Recovering from wounds
    • How to manage after childbirth
    • Childbirth

    Childbirth can be a painful yet rewarding experience for mothers. After over nine months of pregnancy your baby is finally ready to meet you and the feeling of ...


  • Maternity and Hospitalisation

    Maternity and Hospitalisation

    • delivery
    • Ultrasound
    • 1st month of pregnancy
    • Ultrasonic examination

    The BIG day has finally arrived. You are about to be a mother now. Let’s look at some tips on how you can manage your first maternity hospitalisation better.


  • Rupture of Membrane

    Rupture of Membrane

    • delivery
    • Fetal movement
    • Fetus
    • Before giving birth

    The rupture of membrane is the most obvious sign that your baby is ready to be born. For most women the rupture will occur during labour while for others it wil...


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