My First Labour

My First Labour

Each labour and delivery is unique. How do you know that you are in real labour or are you just experiencing false labour? Let’s look at these signs of labour to have a better understanding of your situation.

Signs That You Are Close to Labour

1. Lightening

2. Increased Braxton-Hicks Contractions

Irregular contractions – strong but not painful.

3. Increased Vaginal Discharges

Creamy white discharge that begins in the middle part of pregnancy.

4. Weight Loss

2-3 pounds weight loss due to shift of body fluids.

5. Decreased Baby’s Activity

Baby will move less to conserve energy for delivery.

6. Nesting Instinct

Burst of energy as you prepare for baby’s arrival.

Actual Labour

1. Contractions

Progressively stronger, more regular and more frequent Lasts longer, peaks and reduces.

2. Pain

Abdomen and lower back, spreading to legs.

3. Bloody Show

Release of blood streaked mucus.

4. Rupture of foetal membrane

Gushing or trickling of amniotic fluid.

False Labour

1. Lightenings

2. Pain

Confined to lower abdomen and groin, rather than lower back.

However, as a precautionary measure you should SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION, if:

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